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Understanding the Basics of Project Management Course

This course is designed for anyone who will be undertaking Project Management as part of their role, this may include any Managers, CEO's Practice Managers and GP Partners.

Terms of Reference ToRs

This course has been designed for managers working in general practice or local healthcare who will be supporting governance and overall administration to board meetings.
The purpose of this training is for the learner with a clear understanding of how to create, use, and implement Term's of Reference Documents effectively.

How to complete a Training Investment Contract for Staff

This course is designed for operations managers who manage and oversee staff wishing to participate in funded training courses for their department. The aim of this training is for the learner to be able to provide the tools and techniques required to complete a training investment contract. Please remember that throughout this course there may be actions/instructions that you will need to ensure that you operate within your protocols within your organisation.

Conflicts of Interest

This course provides an overview of Conflicts of Interest and how they can have a significant consequences, particularly those in sectors such as healthcare, finance and government. The purpose of this training is to educate employees on what constitutes a conflict of interest, how to identify and manage conflicts, and the importance of maintaining ethical conduct in the workplace.

Primary Care Network Clinical Director Election Process

This training aims to educate you on the clinical director election process, ensuring transparency, fairness and effective leadership selection within your Primary Care Network (PCN).


Recruitment and Selection – HR Basics

In your role, you may be responsible for upholding key HR principals to maintain fairness, equality and comply with employment law. While HR might not be your main role, understanding what employers are required to do is essential to your role in managing people. This course will cover the core aspects of recruitment, selection, and induction, to give a broad and relevant overview.