This course is designed for any Practice Staff who will be taking Blood Pressure readings for their role.  The aim of this training is for the learner to be able to take Blood Pressure readings within the workplace, both manually and by electronic equipment, always adhering to your workplace protocols. 

Beginners Guide to Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Welcome to GP Healthcare Alliance’s Beginners Guide to Blood Pressure Monitoring course.

Estimated Completion Time: 2 Hours

This course is designed for any Practice Staff who will be taking Blood Pressure readings for their role.  The aim of this training is for the learner to be able to take Blood Pressure readings within the workplace, both manually and by electronic equipment, always adhering to your workplace protocols. 

This course is very instructional so it would be beneficial to have a note pad at the ready, remember there are PDF’s of some of the information which is at the end of some of the lessons but not all information is included in these.

You will have been asked to take part in this training as your role pertains to providing Blood Pressure readings within your practice.  This course provides a step by step guide with an assessment at the end, which will need a pass rate of 80% or more to be able to obtain your certificate.

Course overview:

  • What blood pressure is and why we check it

We will explore why we need to have our blood pressure taken.  

  • The basic anatomy and physiology of blood pressure

We will investigate the cardiovascular system and what various blood vessels do as they each have a specific function.

  • How Blood Pressure is measured and written

We will look at how Blood pressure is measured and what the readings mean together with how it is written.

  • What equipment might be available 

We will see what the equipment you might use will look like and what function it may have. 

  • How to take a blood pressure reading

We will  explore how to get the patient’s pulse first and then how to use the blood pressure equipment to obtain a reading.

  • Identifying what normal and abnormal Blood Pressure readings are and what advice could be provided

We will discover what range a ‘normal’ blood pressure reading should be and how hypertension and hypotension can affect blood pressure, what symptoms to look out for  and what information to advise a patient.

  • How to problem solve and factors regarding using a manual sphygmomanometer to obtain Blood Pressure readings.

We will explore how to use a manual sphygmomanometer to obtain Blood Pressure readings. The process for a ‘Lying and Standing BP reading’, also how we may need to problem solve if we are unsure that the readings we have taken are correct.

  • Factors that can affect blood pressure, competency and useful resources!

We will consider some of the factors that might affect a patient’s blood pressure, considering our competency and some useful resources.

  • Blood pressure checklist

You can download a useful blood pressure checklist from here, it might be useful to new trainees or anyone who might have been off work for a while and feel more confident in knowing this document is available to work from as a guide.

  • End of course assessment

This is where you will be able to show off all the information that you have learnt, there is quite a lot, so making notes would benefit you for a quick recap! You will need a pass rate of 80% or more to pass and be able to obtain your certificate, which can be downloaded and printed.

Please be aware that all content within this course is copywrite protected

©2022 GP Healthcare Alliance.  

Please scroll down each screen and click ‘continue’ where indicated, also be aware of the arrows or the relevant numbers on the bottom of the screen to click on as needed.

Where possible we have provided audio support to utilise if preferred but please be aware that there are many screen shot examples for you to peruse also.

When you are ready to begin, click the Lesson name and then Launch Lesson.

Elevate Your Healthcare Skills: Beginners Guide to Blood Pressure Monitoring

Have you ever wondered how a routine task like measuring blood pressure could be a cornerstone in patient care?

In the healthcare sector, particularly for those in practice staff roles, mastering blood pressure monitoring is not merely a technical skill – it’s a vital part of patient health management.

This crucial task goes beyond the simple use of a sphygmomanometer or deciphering digits on a display. It involves understanding the nuances of cardiovascular health and accurately interpreting what these vital signs mean for a patient’s overall well-being.

Here, we’ll explore why learning Blood Pressure Monitoring is essential. We’ll talk about the skills you can learn and how these skills can really help people and make a big difference in your job.

So keep reading to learn more!

What You Can Learn in Blood Pressure Monitoring course?

This course is meticulously designed to turn beginners into proficient practitioners in blood pressure monitoring. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Blood Pressure: Delve into the basics of what blood pressure is and why it’s a critical health indicator. Learn about the cardiovascular system and how blood pressure functions as a key component of overall health.
  • Measuring Techniques: Get hands-on training in both manual and electronic methods of blood pressure measurement. Understand how to correctly position a patient, use the equipment, and accurately interpret the readings.
  • Recognizing Normal and Abnormal Readings: Develop the skill to distinguish between healthy readings and those that indicate potential health issues, such as hypertension or hypotension.
  • Problem-Solving with Manual Sphygmomanometers: Gain practical experience in using manual sphygmomanometers, essential for situations where electronic devices are unsuitable. Learn to troubleshoot for accurate readings.
  • Factors Affecting Blood Pressure: Explore various factors that can influence blood pressure, from lifestyle choices to medical conditions, and understand their impact on your readings.

Why Blood Pressure Monitoring is a Must-Learn Skill?

Blood pressure monitoring is not just a task; it’s a vital skill for anyone involved in patient care. Understanding and accurately recording blood pressure readings are crucial for:

  • Early Detection of Health Issues: Regular and accurate monitoring of blood pressure can lead to the early detection of conditions like hypertension or hypotension. Catching these issues early can be crucial in preventing severe health complications down the line.
  • Guiding Treatment Decisions: Blood pressure readings are pivotal in guiding the treatment plans formulated by doctors. Accurate readings ensure that patients receive appropriate and effective care tailored to their specific needs.
  • Educating Patients: As a healthcare provider, part of your role involves educating patients about the importance of maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. This course will equip you with the knowledge to advise patients on lifestyle changes and health strategies to manage or improve their blood pressure.
  • Responding to Emergencies: In emergency situations, the ability to quickly and accurately assess blood pressure can be life-saving. This skill is vital in making prompt decisions and providing immediate care in critical situations.

Conclusion: Your Pathway to Professional Development

As a healthcare professional, enrolling in a Blood Pressure Monitoring course is a step towards enhancing your skills and deepening your understanding of patient care. 

This course isn’t just a learning opportunity; it’s a pathway to professional development and a means to contribute more effectively to patient health and well-being.

By mastering blood pressure monitoring, you become an integral part of a team dedicated to maintaining and improving patient health. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your skills, this course offers the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to excel in this vital area of healthcare.

Embrace this opportunity to grow professionally and make a significant impact in your practice. Enrol now and unlock your potential in blood pressure monitoring – your journey towards excellence in patient care begins here.

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