When to offer a chaperone

“I’m a female doctor & always ask for a chaperone to be present for intimate examinations, whether the patient is male or female. This is to protect me, I’m afraid there are some patients who for whatever reason might make a false allegation & I am unwilling to risk my career.”

toobreathless Mon 08-Aug-11 20:58:31 – Mumsnet.com

All patients should routinely be offered a chaperone, ideally at the time of booking the appointment and the importance of a chaperone should not be underestimated or understated.

It may be appropriate to offer a chaperone for a number of reasons. All clinicians should consider using a chaperone for some or all of the consultation and not solely for the purpose of intimate examinations or procedures. This applies whether the clinician is of the same gender as the patient or not.